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MT sketchbook story started when I discover, on one of mine European trip, beautiful and striking Japanese ‘Washi’ mt, masking tapes. I felt in love with them and I knew soon or later I will use them on one of my project. I knew I need to let them speak in a unique way, that they need to be the hero of the book. And then it strike me. Lets use them for the cover. Board fully covered with random stripes of ‘Washi’ mt tapes. And combine it with beautiful coptic stitch, which not only guarantee the book to be nicely and fully open, but also has its own beautiful pattern.

Each individual sketchbook consist of 120 plain pages of 170 gsm Rives Tradition paper. Pages are sewed together using coptic stitch binding, that will guarantee you ease turning and handling the pages. Finally, the whole sketchbook is protected by hard board decorated by japanese mt ‘washi’ masking tapes.

* 14.8 x 21 cm / 5.8 x 8.2 inch
* 120 pages of 170 gsm Rives Tradition Blank Paper
* Hardcover Coptic Stitch Swiss Binding

Each sketchbook in this collection is one of a kind hand-made with special care and attention to every detail which made these sketchbooks very special to me and hopefully to anyone who buys it either as a present or for personal use.

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