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At the time when books where not constructed by sheets of paper typically known under the name of codex, books were made out of one continuous scroll of paper, later folded into a concertina or otherwise know as Orihon ‘ori’(fold) and ‘hon’(book). I always love the history of any product and the journey of this book is just fascinating.

The Orihon project is a collection of handmade concertinas. I drew my inspiration from the history of asian book making. Its background originated from the Tang dynasty in China and was later developed in the Heian period in Japan. It consists of hard covers that uses a Japanese inspired Pepin Press Paper and inside lightly textured 130 gsm paper-roll folded into a zig-zag concertina.

* 13.5 x 21.5 cm / 5.3 x 8.4 inch
* 36 pages of 170 gsm Rives Tradition Blank Paper
* Hardcover Accordion Folded Binding

Each sketchbook in this collection is one of a kind hand-made product with special care and attention to every detail which make these sketchbooks very special to me and hopefully to anyone who buys it either as a present or for personal use.

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